So I decided to make this kind of thing. This is mostly my gamer blog where I give out what I think of certain gaming news, mostly Nintendo related since I am a Nintendo fan. So yeah, enjoy I guess.
  • ssb4dojo:


    Interesting that in the bottom right corner, Nintendo cannot confirm that only 1-4 players can play.  8 Player Smash anyone?

    Also, the following Link shows that 10 controllers can be synced with a Wii U (the breakdown is not shown to what controllers but does prove 8 players is theoretically possible).  Also says Gamecube is not supported which is true at least until Smash Wii U comes out.

  • thathomestar:


    some writer for Gawker media was on twitter saying dumb shit like “those gamergate nerds probably weren’t bullied enough as kids, let’s bring back bullying”

    this is obviously a stupid thing to say, and a lot of people got upset over it, including a man named Mike Cernovich who has now challenged the Gawker writer to a charity boxing match, and $10,000 will go to an anti-bullying charity if the Gawker writer shows up

    oh and word is, the Gawker writer has flaked out

  • theinternetaccoringtokori:

    Credit to @ RougeSkyte on Twitter for demotivator.

  • abdullahqutbedden:

    Ugh…..I seriously need a fucking drink because Brianna’s shit is really staring to make my head hurt.

    Brianna 8chan is not a hate site, nor was the website formed for the sole purpose of hating on you. It’s a random image board nothing less nothing more, the people who run 8chan aren’t James Bond style super villains sitting on top of a tall tower stroking their pet cats planning your downfall they’re just normal people who just wanna have fun posting random shit online.

    Also you have no proof that the person who threatened you was from 8chan so stop trying to pretend that they are. And another thing law enforcement isn’t gonna shut down an entire site just because someone threatened you on the internet. 

    Yeah anyone still think that the Anti GamerGate people don’t wanna censor everyone who speaks up against them?

    Shouldn’t you be working with police to I dunno LOOK for the person that threatened you Brianna? Oh wait no that makes too much sense just keep on living in your hugbox and blaming 8chan and GamerGate for all your problems I’m sure that will solve everything.

    TL DR: Brianna Wu hates 8chan and GamerGate and is pro censorship.

  • seoppiesaur:

    When feminists comment on video games

    the social justice league vs gamers

  • lvlthelurker:

    Gamers are the first ones who actually tried to expose the harasser when Anita Sarkeesian & the media blame Gamergate & its gamers for this WITHOUT proof. It’s really unhealthy of them to blame the innocent; they are sending the message to the culprit that he/she won’t be held accountable because gamers are the perfect scapegoat. Instead of pointing fingers at random directions, please just be skeptical and seek for the truth.

    Be based and stay based, everyone. Do not condone harassment in anyway.